How is it December already!?!?!

by Andy Newland

If you're anything like me you'll be wondering where the hell the last 11 months have gone!?

It feels like summer was an eternity ago now. The long, hot summer evenings have long abandoned us in favour of (lets be honest)... rain!!

But there is one silver lining - CHRISTMAS! one of my personal favourite times of the year. Friends and family getting together and sharing good times is what the festive period is all about.

Here in store we've got plenty of warm winter pullovers and stylish coats for you to look and feel the part this Decemeber. We'd love to see you and wish you our seasons greetings when you manager to pop in!



by Andy Newland

It's hard to believe that only a month or so ago the mercury was hitting the dizzying heights of the mid-thirties! now we're all stocking up on the knitwear and jackets to warm us on the crisp, chilly nights that are (believe it or not) just on the horizon!

We've started selling through our new range already and the savvy among you will have already been in and had your pick of the various bunches!

For those that haven't, have a browse of our website and see what tickles your fancy this Autumn/Winter.

As usual, the range in store is much bigger than what's online - so if you get the chance please drop on by and pay us a little visit!

See you soon!

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The new website has launched!

by Tom Cruise

It's taken a while (longer then we had hoped for!) but our new website is officially up and running!

Our partners at Eskimo EPOS were amazing in getting us up and running - we really had no idea how much work was really needed to launch a website, especially when you're trying to get it up and running ON TOP of your normal daily workload. TIRING!

But here we are, all ready to go!

We hope you enjoy the site and find our selection of hand-sourced products as innovative and exciting as we do...